detox from social media by hugging
By / May 14, 2019

Detoxing the mind of Social Media

By: Megan Earp What is social media? Social media, defined, includes websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. That sounds...

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shame leads to depression
By / March 19, 2019

What is shame resilience and why do we need it?

by Stephanie Chambers Firstly - what is shame? A woman who has researched shame for over 10 years - Brené Brown - defines "shame" as "the intensely painful feeling or...

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psychology of exercise walking pic
By admin / December 18, 2018

Can exercise help your mental health?

by Stephanie Chambers A study published in 2018 in The Lancet Psychiatry Journal by S. R. Chekroud and his colleagues# analyzing data for over a million adult Americans from 2011, 2013,...

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stressed teen boy mental health
By admin / April 27, 2018

When do children start showing signs of mental illness, and how can we change our approach?

by Danny Williams The child with the jittery leg. The little boy with a strange affinity for milk who just won't let it go. The toddler who hyperventilates in certain...

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